Van den Bosch & UNICEF

Van den Bosch Transporten & UNICEF Nederland have been partners for several years. Van den Bosch donates a certain sum of money to UNICEF every year in order to contribute to improving children’s living conditions.

UNICEF’s campaign for this year is ‘Believe in ZERO’. This campaign focuses on reducing child mortality in the world. We are organising all kinds of activities in our anniversary year to give this UNICEF additional support. The motto and goal for our anniversary year are: We have existed for 50 years and we believe we can bring together € 50,000.

Additional support for UNICEF

To achieve this goal we are organizing several activities during our anniversary year. We have also asked our relations to contribute by donating to UNICEF. According to their generous donations we are proud to announce that we have reached our common goal: € 50.000 euro for UNICEF. Because we are still receiving donations, we have decided to announce the final amount in December on this website.

Score to date

€ 50.000 ingezameld  100%
€ 50.000,-


See the list of donation options and the help UNICEF can offer with that money below. And of course you can also choose to donate a different amount.

€ 10,-
€ 15,-
€ 20,-

€ 44,-
€ 56,-
€ 65,-
€ 120,-

€ 240,-
€ 1.900,-
Vaccination against measles for 28 children.
250 ORS sachets against dehydration to treat acute diarrhoea.
First aid kit. Indispensable in emergency situations and for travelling health workers.
2 scales and weighing pants to monitor children’s weight.
Cool box to store and keep cool vaccines during transport.
A bike for a health worker to reach children in rural areas.
52 insecticide treated nets to prevent malaria for children to sleep under safely.
Polio vaccination for 727 children.
Full mother and child health care training for a nurse in Sierra Leone.

Please pay your contributions into the special UNICEF account number NL02INGBO650501675 in the name of Van den Bosch Transporten. The score to date is kept on this page. The final score will be published at the end of the year.

For questions or more information, please send an email to