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We are proud of our organisation with its personnel and the equipment. Besides all trucks, trailers and containers deployed daily, we have a number of special trucks which play a nice role in our history. One of them is truck nr. 1000. This truck got a facelift especially for the 50th anniversary, to give special attention to this pride and to challenge you in the Tag Truck Thousand action!

History of Truck nr. 1000

Van Den Bosch ordered 32 new Volvo trucks in 2008, the series included Van Den Bosch’ 1000th Volvo.

To mark this milestone, Volvo and supplier BAS Groep BV had a Volvo FNL 780 shipped from the US. It was painted in the Van Den Bosch house style. The truck was then taped again and shipped to the Volvo head office in Sweden. There Peter van den Bosch was presented with the keys of this special truck in the presence of a number of employees and representatives of Volvo and BAS Groep.

This truck is now used in the daily activities of Van Den Bosch. The activities take place in the Netherlands for 95% and have put almost 500,000 kilometres on the truck’s teller. Truck nr.1000 is also used for special occasions. Van Den Bosch picks up people celebrating their anniversary with this truck and it is also used regularly for information activities at schools and it played a prominent part in the colouring contest on Kids Day.

Tag and win!

Van Den Bosch is engaged with society and so is our Truck nr. 1000! This special truck had a facelift again for the 50th anniversary and has a ‘QR code’ now. You can scan it with your smartphone, ‘tag’ our truck to and have the chance to win an all-inclusive “One out of Thousand” programme at the Van Den Bosch Experience for two!

So if you spot ‘Truck nr. 1000’, use your smartphone and Tag Truck Thousand!

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