To the next level

Logistics is a top industry for the Netherlands as it contributes well over 11 per cent of the GDP and over 800,000 jobs. Strategisch Platform Logistiek (the Dutch Strategic Logistics Platform) indicates new concepts in which the directive role for logistic service providers is becoming more important besides a cost effective excellent execution of transport services, warehousing and ‘added value’ services (VAL).

Because of the improved cooperation between our regional and national seaports and airports, the excellent knowledge of logistics of the employees, as well as other important matters such as customs and infrastructure, our country ranks second in the world again after a dip (fifth position). A success by and for the industry, in which Van den Bosch has a leading position.

Van den Bosch management has been anticipating global trends and likely innovations for quite some time. The company is developing more and more into a chain director in the bulk raw materials market with an accurate eye for excellent execution, tracking and tracing, and flexible operation between the modalities, based on continuous improvement and ‘lifelong learning’. Strategisch Platform Logistiek specifically sees this combination of market approach and company culture as the qualifying factor.

Being an involved logistician, I see the company turn in a positive direction. I am impressed by the vision, the timely approach and the development of the right antennas, but also of the large investments of the company. Not only in IT and the transport equipment/hardware, but also in its Human Capital. Engagement, ambition, guts, but also a realistic eye to the costs, which have to be kept in hand in a dynamic European playing field. That makes you vulnerable at the same time.

European or even global customers demand a different level of abstraction and a different scale of operating from the logistic services provider. I see that Van den Bosch set out on a new course in time to start the next fifty years successfully. The management and their employees deserve congratulations for it.

Peter van der Meij
Member of the Strategisch Platform Logistiek
Consultant for Van den Bosch


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