Van den Bosch a shining example for intermodal transport

When Shuttlewise started five years (only five, and not fifty) ago as an intermodal operator, we were mostly looking for Dutch logistic providers for whom intermodal transport across Europe was self-evident. The name of Van den Bosch was high on the shortlist in no time. For the containers can be found on any European terminal of some dimension, be it bulk or liquid. Any freight train full of containers will have at least one that is a Van den Bosch container. We are therefore pleased to have Van den Bosch as partner on our trains from Rotterdam to Italy (Mortara).

Intermodal transport is the future, but it cannot do without the regular transport by road. And Van den Bosch was right in seeing that. Being able to offer different modalities (road, rail and ferry) allows their customers to choose in terms of transit time, payload, CO2, and still especially the price. Preferably as fast and as much as possible for the lowest possible price. The different modalities each have their advantages and disadvantages and that will always be that way.

Van den Bosch has been active in the intermodal market for years and continually tries to adjust its containers to the customers’ needs. Bigger, lighter, stronger, everything to improve the output and to stay ahead. It struck me on a tour of the premises in Erp that there are a lot of containers with the ABEU codification (followed by 7 figures – see photo of container below). This codification indicates the owner of the container and has a lot of administrative purposes.

When I asked what ABEU stood for, the simple but meaningful answer was: ABEU stands for Ad van den Bosch Erp Unit. That is how long they have been thinking about international transport. Then you are ready for the next level. We congratulate Van den Bosch with this magnificent anniversary.


Martijn Elbers
General Manager
Shuttlewise BV


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