Samskip - To the next 50

Samskip has a longstanding relationship with Van Den Bosch where Van Den Bosch has been using the Samskip shipping service to/from Ireland for many years. In recent month we have further strengthened our cooperation with the following multimodal transport solution.

Van Den Bosch’ loads from Eastern Europe to the United Kingdom are shipped by rail ex Eastern Europe to the Rotterdam Service Centre (RSC) where all international cargo trains arrive.

The Rotterdam Service Centre is located next to the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal (RST) from where the Samskip vessels sail to various European destinations, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Spain.

Upon arrival at the RSC the Van Den Bosch containers are shunted via an internal road to the RST from where the containers are loaded onto our daily vessel to Hull, UK.

A limited number of containers are always in stock on Hull quay allowing the Van Den Bosch customers to call forward their cargo any time.

In addition, a number of empty and laden containers are directly shipped back on the same Samskip vessels ex Hull to Rotterdam. Most recently, upon arrival at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal, a number of these containers are then placed onto our vessels to the Norway Oslo Fjord and Norway West Coast.

Samskip is looking forward to “the next level” of our intermodal future with Van Den Bosch which we will hopefully develop even further by:

  • Intensifying Van Den Bosch’ use of the Samskip barge service between Duisburg and Rotterdam, connecting to/from various European destinations.
  • Intensifying Van Den Bosch’ use of our rail services from the Samskip Multimodal rail terminal in Duisburg to Scandinavia.
  • Potentially using our new Turkey service departing from Duisburg by rail to Trieste with an onward connection via sea to Istanbul. From here cargo can be delivered throughout Turkey.

We congratulate Van Den Bosch with their 50-year anniversary and we are looking forward to further strengthening our relationship via these intermodal opportunities in the years ahead.


Cees Stoof
Sales Manager - Quay to Quay Trade


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