Advancing Van den Bosch Transporten’s operations with Intelligent Logistics

Looking ahead, how would Van den Bosch Transporten distinguish itself as a logistics service provider, setting itself apart from the competition? That was the question that the management asked itself in 2013, as the company’s 50th anniversary approached. Many options were considered; the one that was selected by Van den Bosch Transporten revolves around the concept of “Intelligent Logistics”.

What is “Intelligent Logistics”? Well, it involves the intelligent use of one’s own resources and those of third parties. And it calls for making smart trips with the optimal use of equipment, while taking into account all possible circumstances and variables.

Imagine a future where the planning systems of suppliers and clients are so well integrated to the extent that logistics service providers would be able to respond intuitively to the clients’ stock levels. Charters would be connected to a central planning and optimization system that relays information back and forth through mobile apps. This could be extended to stock management and even the determination of ideal order sizes and order times.

That is the direction in which Intelligent Logistics is taking service providers.

With Intelligent Logistics, a provider can always respond effectively to market changes. In the long term, this is achieved through optimal network design. In the very short term, such as on the day of operations, this is achieved by responding swiftly to ad hoc requests from clients – in real time.

At the core of Intelligent Logistics is a central planning and optimization system. The system links all resources and is used to plan both tactically and operationally. With this system, planners no longer have to figure out processes as the system continuously works out what the best alternatives are. As a result, the planners can focus on finding solutions to exceptional situations and determining the best possible decisions.

Using a system that enables Intelligent Logistics offers substantial advantages. Trips and the deployment of equipment would certainly be more efficient. Furthermore, a company using such a system would have the possibility of responding even more effectively to customer requirements. The ability to customize specific service levels or have better supply chain integration is likely to be an important distinguishing factor in the competitive markets in which Van den Bosch Transporten operates.

In the coming decades, Intelligent Logistics will play an increasingly important role within the logistics sector. After all, logistics increasingly involves a smarter management of the flow of goods, making the right planning decisions and designing the most efficient network on the basis of accurate forecasts.

Logistics service providers that are able to provide better, more reliable services with the same equipment at lower costs will stand out from the crowd. This calls for an almost scientific approach, which ultimately leads to a situation in which the operation is steered by systems. This system wouldn’t be a “black box”, but an intelligent planning and optimization system that offers complete transparency in operations and clearly visualizes the impact of decisions. This impact is expressed in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which present an online picture of the logistical operation. With this system, the primary role of the company’s management and planners would be to further optimize the network and make decisions in exceptional situations, based on proposals generated by the system.

Van den Bosch Transporten was interested in such a system to advance its logistics operations and found a solution provider in Quintiq. Specializing in planning and optimization systems, Quintiq has supplied these systems to major corporations in over 80 countries.

After various meetings, analyses and demonstrations, Van den Bosch Transporten signed a contract with Quintiq for the latter to deliver an intuitive system. The configuration and implementation of the Van den Bosch Transporten system is now in progress.

Fifty years in business is not by chance – Van den Bosch Transporten has great business vision and we at Quintiq are honored to be chosen as a partner. Heartiest congratulations on your 50th anniversary – we are looking forward to working with you in the next 50 years, and setting more industry benchmarks together.


Arjen Heeres
COO of Quintiq


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