History in photos

50 years of Van den Bosch Transporten already, how time flies. First of all, my congratulations to the Van den Bosch family and all its employees. A special milestone to be truly proud of!

In the late eighties of last century, I visited the head office in Erp for the first time with my brother to make photos of the many trucks the company already had back then. Perhaps a strange hobby to others, for me it was a nice combination of photography and my interest in the fascinating world of transport. Ad van den Bosch and Albert Verstegen will certainly also have been surprised at first, but nevertheless we were always allowed to do our thing.

This is more than twenty years later now and the enormous growth of Van den Bosch Transporten in all these years both nationally and internationally is not only admirable, but also kept in interesting all the time to make photos of the equipment. The Dutch transport companies Van der Donk and Van Heur, the foreign transport companies De Meulemeester, Patterson and Silo-Tank, the opening of the new branches in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, the many trucks in the various colours of the customers, the arrival of truck nr. 500 and truck nr. 1000 in the fleet… They are highlights which resulted in a lot of extra ‘work’, but especially in a large and varied collection of photos. Home-produced photos, but also photos by fellow enthusiasts, (ex-) drivers and of course the company itself.

In 2005 the idea came up to do more with these photos. They were placed on a website. It was not only the way to make the collection of photos available to more people; it was also a good way to give an idea of the equipment through the years. Considering the many positive reactions to the website, it was not a bad decision. The survey will never be entirely complete, but it is our goal nevertheless.

Van den Bosch Transporten has ranked in the top 10 of European bulk transport companies for quite a while and has grown steadily over the past 50 years: from a small road transport company to a major logistic services provider. No doubt a lot will change again over the next 50 years. I hope and expect that Van den Bosch Transporten will keep developing and will continue to grow as it has in the past 50 years. Putting the focus on intermodal transport was the first step.

Peter Elskamp

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