The cooperation between Van den Bosch transporten and FrieslandCampina is built on a relationship of many years. This relationship is founded on the core values of trust and service. The mutual trust has lead to a good service and performance, without the need for extensive daily contact. At the various levels of the organization the lines of communication are short. We feel that these core values represent the basis on which Van den Bosch has evolved to a healthy international company with a professional structure.

The various developments the company has seen throughout the years further underline the keyword craftsmanship. The change from transport by means of a normal to intermodal transport. From a driver with just an driving licence to certified training and education center for craftsmen.

This craftsmanship, combined with the “brabantse gezelligheid” have led to a unique company. We expect the good cooperation to continue for many years more.


Hans Wieleman
Manager Milk Logistics


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