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Proud to be 50

In September we have celebrated our 50th anniversary together with our customers, suppliers, employees, subcontractors and other relations under the heading of ‘Proud to be 50’. We are looking back on a success ..

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Van den Bosch supports Unicef

We’re 50 and the goal is € 50.000!

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Total already raised:
€ 50.000,-

‘Many options were considered and one of those was Intelligent Logistics’

Arjen Heeres
COO of Quintiq

‘Intermodal transport is the future. Van den Bosch is is a downright adapter in this respect’

Michael Brouwer
Transfennica Nederland B.V.

‘The regional function of logistic services providers is getting more and more important’

Peter van der Meij
Strategisch Platform Logistiek

‘Van den Bosch and Bavaria like to pioneer no end’

Pieter Swinkels

‘When I asked what ABEU stood for, the simple but meaningful answer was: ABEU stands for Ad van den Bosch Erp Unit’

Martijn Elbers
Shuttlewise B.V.

‘Samskip is looking forward to ”the next level“ of our intermodal future’

Cees Stoof

‘New economies are causing clear shifts in the supply chains’

Maarten van Rijn
KennisDC Logistiek
Zeeland Brabant

‘Expertise combined with Brabant joie de vivre go hand in hand at Van den Bosch’

Hans Wieleman

‘Sustainable transport concepts have the future’

Jan Poelman

‘The growth Van den Bosch has gone through is remarkable’

Peter Elskamp

Proud to be Feestweek

Anniversaries call for a party! And Van Den Bosch is so proud of its 50th anniversary that we will party for a week. Ad van den Bosch started our company ...

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