General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply companywide to any activities carried out by Van den Bosch Transporten or its subsidiaries:

For domestic transport, all transports take place on the basis of the General Conditions of Transport (GCT) (in Dutch: Algemene Vervoerscondities - AVC) and for border crossing transport on the basis of the provisions of the CRM Convention. For the transport of bulk goods by road, the General Conditions of Tank Transport also apply.

The Physical Distribution Conditions apply for Physical Distribution (PD) work. Warehousing activities take place under the Dutch Warehousing Conditions of FENEX. Forwarding services take place on the basis of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of FENEX.

The ATCN General Tank Cleaning Conditions apply to all deliveries and services with regard to an agreement to clean material and equipment. The General Tank Cleaning Conditions also apply to activities that provide or imply filling with carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas.

In the case of all of the above stated conditions, the last changed text applies, as filed with the Clerks of the District Courts of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Arnhem. Both for the activities to which the above stated conditions apply and those to which they do not apply, the Payment Conditions of The Royal Dutch transport Federation (KNV Goederenvervoer), last changed text, as filed with the Clerk of the District Court of The Hague.